We are committed to nurturing our children to be:

Caring about and serving others;

Responsible and committed;

Determined and up for challenges.


We aim to promote civic education through classroom learning, diversified activities and campus atmosphere. In terms of “learning and teaching”, we immerse civic education related topics into our regular curriculum in different ways. Also, we have growth classes every week. Catering the civic education topics at school, we cover learning areas such as emotional, virtue, civic and environmental education. Apart from this, we also implement moral and civic education curriculum prepared by TWGHs Education Division in which core values of Tung Wah and social affairs are brought together to connect and synergize the teaching and learning of different subjects and produce an all-round learning experience to our students.


In terms of life-wide activities, we offer diversified and attractive activities, including civic education competitions, booth games, service learning, seminars, workshops, undertakings and footage sharing etc. so that students could learn about positive value judgement and good deems from different angles and more importantly encourage them to apply such in their lives.


To create the atmosphere, we show messages related to the respective topics throughout the campus, including our playground, hall, fences outside the campus, corridors and classroom. We also work closely with external parties to introduce resources of other types to support the work of promoting civic education.