Aim and Purpose

Counselling and Disciplinary Group upholds the idea of whole school approach and integration of counselling and disciplines and assists students in the following items by maintaining the philosophy of “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty, Faithfulness and Achieve and Help Others Achieve”:

1. Build a spirit of self-respect and self-discipline and an active and positive attitude

2. Assist students to develop an attitude to respect others and be committed

3. Improve students’ ability in contingency and autonomy

Endorsing the vision of “every student is worth teaching and teachable”, Counselling and Disciplinary Group aims to support students’ all round development through various kind of activities to meet the challenges in the society and the world.

1. A Culture of Caring

1. Houses activities: we divided our teaching staff and students into four houses namely “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty, Faithfulness”. Having four houses enhances connection between different levels without limits. Through house activities, we wish to build up a sense of belonging among our students with love and team spirit.

2. Class operation: Through class activities in different levels, we aim to have the relationship between students and teachers built upon a harmonious and warm environment which could be of help in establishing good habits and learning attitude so that they would respect, accept and be involved in class.

2. A Culture of Appreciation

1. Student Passbook: we encourage students to be active and diligent in class, study, extra-curricular activities as well as service learning with a reward scheme. Teachers would reward students based on their observation of students’ behavior and performance which also promote self-improvement and positive culture.

2. “I can do it!” inter-class competition and Homework Reward Scheme:  Through “I can do it!” inter-class competition and Homework Reward Scheme, we encourage our students to be a polite, tidy, responsible and disciplined.

3. Service Learning

1. Community Youth Club: P. 4 to P. 6 students are welcome to join CYC. Every year, students are involved in different service learning activities at school and in the community, such as “Greening for the Chest” Cleanup, Charitable Plant Sales, Happy Children and Elderlies activities, Elderlies Home Visits etc. Students could not only know more about the community and get in touch with all walks of life in the community to understand their needs but also raise their awareness and make contribution to the community. We wish to nurture them to be a citizen of good deems, generous and holding fast to these precious qualities.

2. Student Helpers: P. 3 to P. 6 students could join different service positions, such as prefect, health ambassador, English ambassador, librarian etc. We develop students’ potentials, leadership, confidence and positive attitude towards life through trainings and services so that they could meet the challenges in difficult times.

3. Roles for Everyone: To give every students the opportunities to serve others, we have Roles for Everyone Scheme. Class teachers will assign students to different positions according to their strengths. This is to develop a sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging and cohesion in class.

4. Counselling Service

1. Understanding Adolescent: P. 4 to P. 6 students have “Understanding Adolescent” Project; aim of which is to improve students’ resilience to face challenges through systematic courses and activities.

2. Student Counselling: Ms Mari Ng and Ms Cynthia Hui our Social Worker are here at school at 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. every Monday to Friday.