School Structure

Our school has adopted school-based management since 2005. An Advisory Board has been set up under IMC to consult and supervise the school operation. In view of the ‘2004 education ordinance (revised)’, we formed IMC on 1 September, 2009 to further implement school-based management. The IMC members comprise of sponsoring body representative, principal, teacher, parent, alumni and individual. IMC holds three meetings annually so as to formulate the strategic plan, endorse budget, allocate human resources and evaluate various initiatives.  To heighten the transparency and accountability of school management, key stakeholders participate in the process of policy formulation in order to facilitate the sustainable development of the school.

Constitution of IMC

Management Committee (MC) and No. of Members

Management Committee (MC) and No. of Members   6 
Alternate MC from sponsoring body   0 
MC (Principal)   1 
MC (Teacher)   1 
Alternate MC (Teacher)   1 
Parent MC   1 
Alternate Parent MC   1 
Alumni MC   0 
Independent MC   1 

The school will introduce Alumni MC into the panel later in time.