Dear students, parents and teachers, 


For a new academic year, all things take on a new start. I sincerely wish all parents, teachers and students good health and all the best. 



I am honored to serve as the Acting Principal in TWGHs Hok Shan School. I appreciate the support and trust given by the sponsoring body and IMC. Building on the foundation laid by the previous principals and outstanding teachers, I will continue to adhere to the school motto “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty, Faithfulness; Establish Yourselves and Others” to create more opportunities for our students; unlock their potentials and achieve their future goals. 



The acronym of our school spirit – HSS, stands for “Happy and Harmony Happy School”, “STEAM and Self-learning, and “Strive for Excellence”. These values will guide us towards excellence and success.



Starting the new academic year, we should continue to embrace these values and integrate them into our everyday school life. Our “ESPORTS SPACE Fitness Enhancement Centre” will be essential to achieve these values.



Sports not only contribute to maintaining our physical health, but also cultivate grit. This centre will be a place for students to develop perseverance. When you participate in a sport, you will set goals, overcome challenges, push yourself, and strive for victory. The building of determination is crucial for your future success.


I encourage every student to actively participate in the activities of the “ESPORTS SPACE Fitness Enhancement Centre” and integrate sports and grit into your lives. Strive not only for academic success but also focus on physical and mental well-being and personal growth. 



Lastly, I would like to express my gratefulness to every teacher and parent for their support. Only if we share a common faith can we create a joyful school, nurture self-directed learners, and lay a solid foundation for the health and grit of our children. 


Let us work together to create more possibilities for our students’ future and achieve their dreams. 



Acting Principal: Chan Sai Kong Christopher