Our History

Our school was established in September 2005. We were formerly known as TWGHs Lee Sai Chow Memorial Primary School and Hok Shan School. TWGHs Lee Sai Chow Memorial Primary School had served the children in the Central and Western district for over 45 years. In order to advocate resources sharing suggested by the EDB, it moved to the current location, Wah Fu Estate in August 2005. Hok Shan School has served the children in the Southern district for over 35 years. We joined the big family of TWGHs by merging with TWGHs Lee Sai Chow Memorial Primary School in September 2005. We continue to offer government subsidized whole-day primary education service at Wah Fu.

Our Belief

We believe every child…

-possesses unique quality, talent and potential

-can strive for success

-enjoys learning and participating in activities

-should obtain encouragement and support

-needs to gain successful learning experience

-should make themselves master of learning with life-long learning ability

Mission and Vision

To provide a quality learning environment for children in this community, we aim at offering the students quality education focusing on whole-person development. We facilitate our students to unleash their potential, to equip them with learning skills and knowledge, to be a caring, responsible and positive citizen.

The school motto ‘Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty, Faithfulness and Achievement’ can encourage our students to develop a fruitful and meaningful life.